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Duration: 2.5 Hours

Westminster is the very centre of royal and political London: home to the Queen and Parliament this area is synonymous with pomp, pageantry and power. On this walk you will see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, as well as Buckingham Palace, the Queen's London residence, plus Westminster Abbey, church of royal coronations for 1000 years. But behind Westminster's corridors of power are plenty of tales of gossip and intrigue - political, royal and religious. Hear these stories as we explore the rarely visited 18th century back streets and enjoy one of London's most beautiful parks (and maybe see the pelicans that live there). Striking modern architecture is found in Westminster too, providing the wonderful contrast that helps to make London such an intriguing city.

Want more? Add the following St James Extension and really make a day of it!

St James's Extension - Aristocratic London

All that a gentleman requires for a civilised existence' can be found, so it is said, in the exquisite shops and quiet streets of St James's. On this gentle afternoon stroll through a truly elegant area you will find out about the discreet world of aristocratic clubs and hear of some less than discreet behaviour. Specialist shops abound, supplying quality goods to the royal households and each proudly showing their royal warrants. Discover how to obtain one, why businesses lose them and the conditions sometimes attached to them, as we wend our way through these historic streets.
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