Location: Hampstead Heath, London, NW3 7JR
Tube Station: Hampstead - Map of Kenwood House
Phone: 0870/333-6206
Website: http://www.picnicconcerts.com

In the heart of Hampstead Heath, you will find a fantastic former Stately home that goes by the names of Kenwood House and also Lveagh Bequest, named by Lord Lveagh who donated it to the nation after his death in 1927.

It is now managed by English Heritage and one third of the estate is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It homes many birds and insects within its ancient woodlands and it also the home of the largest Pipistrelle bat in London.

The house itself dates back to the early 17th Century and has experienced many additions to the original foundations. An Orangery was added in 1700 and also, between the years 1764 and 1796, it has also had expansions by the way of two wings, a library, offices, kitchens and a brewery, which is now the restaurant.

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