London for Kids

If you are traveling to London, the capital of England, for any length of time, whether it be a week or a day, you need to find some fun, child-friendly activities to keep your little people happy! It would also be helpful to know that many places in London that are open to the general public now have child-changing facilities so there won.t be any unexpected problems!

The first thing you should do is to take your kids on the different modes of public transport available in London. There is the underground ride, which can be exciting if it is any child's first time. You could also consider taking them on top of the one London's infamous red buses. Get a map of the city and get your children to try and make a route that you can travel along. This way it means that your children can get involved in the planning also and it will seem less boring for them.

As for the main sightseeing attractions in London, take them to fascinating and large attractions. Tower of London and Tower Bridge for example. They will not really care about the history of the famous landmarks, but the sheer size of them will amaze even the most grown up of kids!

If you have kids that are slighter older, why not consider taking them to the gruesome London Dungeon! This can scare small children, but older kids, especially boys seem to love it! There iss the world famous waxworks - Madame Tussauds as well so your son or daughter can have their picture taken standing next to their idol!

The Museums in the capital are free, so if your kids have a short attention span, as most kids do, then you make short and more frequent trips to them. There is always plenty to do as well, so you won't find yourself traipsing around and in and out of museums all day.

To really make your kids happy, you could take them to London Zoo. Amaze them with the sheer size of an elephant or make them chuckle with the cheeky antics of the chimpanzees, whichever you do, all kids love a zoo!

There are no actual theme parks in the centre of London. There are some pretty good ones on the outskirts of London, if you want to travel a little bit further. Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures are all particular favorites of children, but it will mean paying a little bit more and traveling further out of the city.

Whatever you decide to do with your darling children in London, there are plenty of things to keep them occupied and very few of them are expensive. The only problem you may face, is keeping up with them!